Lowther Hills Ski Area

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About Lowther Hills Ski Area

Founded in 1986, we are a community-owned, volunteer-based, family-friendly club which promotes winter sports and operates ski tows in the Lowther Hills in the South of Scotland.

The club hails from Scotland’s two highest villages,Wanlockhead and Leadhills, which boast some of Scotland’s oldest Curling and Skiing heritage.

We operate on a membership basis, which is open to all. To use the club’s ski tows and clubhouse you must be a member of the Lowther Hills Ski Club. Join now.

We aim to provide skiing for about 20 days per season, whenever weather conditions are favourable and volunteers available, mainly during weekends and school holidays.

The club’s facilities

The Lowther Hills Ski Club operates two skiing areas: a nursery area in the village of Leadhills, and an area for intermediates on Lowther Hill.