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A service born from a Passion!

My love of skiing began in 1968, watching the master that was Jean Claude Killy on a grainy black and white TV. Since then an interest grew into a passion and in turn, probably into an addiction! At first, good ski maintenance was a necessity. Equipment was much more basic and cheap, heavily used second hand skis were all I could afford which needed to be regularly teased into performing acceptably.From that day to this I have been fixated with getting the best possible performance from my skis with care and attention that verged on obsession. Family and friends equipment have all benefited from an equal care and you can be assured your equipment will receive that same personal, passionate attention!
I have been a PE teacher in schools around Somerset for 34 years, ending up as manager of the Sedgemoor School Sport Partnership. As well as annual family ski trips in those years, I organised a multitude of school ski trips and frequently ended up improving the performance of the rudimentary equipment often afforded to school groups.A brush with Cancer caused me to retire from teaching earlier than planned but now fit and healthy, I am back on the snow and am looking forward to turning my passion into a service for all snowsports enthusiasts.   I have completed professional courses in 2011 so now am a Certified Advanced Ski and Snowboard Technician to complement the more than 35 years experience.