Snowboard Buyer’s Guide

May 29 2015

Snowboard Buyer’s Guide

Snowboards come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different styles of riding and even the conditions of the snow.

In buying a new snowboard, you should consider the following buyer’s guide as a quick reference, please take the advice of your local ski shop.

Snowboard Buyer’s Guide

When we are buying one of the important things that we should consider is the price of the product. You should consider how much money you will spend in buying a new snowboard. Cheap Snowboards have simple designs and heavier weight. If the snowboards have more design considerations and get lighter which can be more appropriate to a certain riding styles, it becomes more expensive. For a beginner, it can advisable to buy a cheaper snowboard because you may find you progress quick and grow out of your board.

In buying a new snowboard you should consider your ability level, commonly it is divided into three levels:

Newbie – for the beginner for them to have a few days experience in riding a snowboard

Intermediate – they are comfortable to ride on a kind of snowboard that has common techniques in riding this equipment and try different tricks

Advanced – they are comfortable to ride on a kind of snowboard with off slopes and has a challenging tricks

Next Consider your ideal riding style. (For example: All-mountain, Freecarve, Freeride and Freestyle).

When you are going to buy a new snowboard, the length is very important to consider. The length of a snowboard is one of the most essential characteristics. It is measured from the nose tip to the end of the tail. Choosing the suitable length of snowboard is not only measured by your height but also by your weight.

The width of a snowboard that you are going to buy is directly related to the size of your foot. It is measured across the skinniest section from edge to edge.

The flexibility of a snowboard. It is divided in two types: Torsional Flex and Longitudinal Flex. Flexible and soft snowboard is best for beginners and especially for children. 

Determine the side cut of a snowboard that you are going to buy, because it is easier to ride on a snowboard with gradual side cut, all-mountain and soft-flexing snowboard.

The above guidelines when buying a new snowboard will help you to decide what kind of snowboard is best for you. You can also visit a local ski shop near you who will a wide range of different snowboards that will help you choose the right board for you.

Snowboarding is a exciting sport, so it is better to buy quality snowboard for you to enjoy your time on the slopes.

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